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Whey protein much more than just protein

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Who never got lost entering on a food supplement store? And even worse, who has never been tempted to buy everything sellers say, promising the P-E-R-F-E-C-T body???

Well, let’s start with the most famous supplement, Whey Protein, just for the start we come across 3 types: concentrated, isolated, hydrolysed. But what is the difference between them?

What differs between them is protein concentration, carbohydrate amount and lactose (isolate <concentrate <hydrolysed, in order of purity: concentrate <hydrolysed). But beware, the purer, obviously the more expensive, and not all people need the hydrolysed form. (See your doctor / nutritionist for your prescription)

Now another myth: Whey before or after training??? Whatever!!! The important is to have the protein input not to lose lean mass! Another myth: is it necessary to supplement BCAA with Whey protein. The answer is often NO, since the proteins in the whey protein powder, are essentially BCAA.

Another piece of information I want you to be aware of is that it is not because you have whey protein enriched foods, is it healthier. Many brands have this merchandising because: 1. To make it more expensive and fashionable 2. The quality of the protein they use is not the best. Also, those who are in the process of losing weight need a calorie deficit too!! But the weight loss and protein supplementation post is for another week.

Now a scientific curiosity, which refers to the title of the post. Whey protein has been related to improved insulin release, ie in studies using whey protein in patients with diabetes, associated with a carbohydrate meal, decreased blood glucose after meal. In the long run this could be related to decreases of serious diabetes complications !!! Not an amazing information??

Now you are whey protein experts and will know how to choose the best powder for you!

I trust you!! 😘😘

Dra. Delane Wajman
Dra. Delane Wajman

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